Rewind Collective's Thinking of Helen created in honour of Helen Frankenthaler
Rewind Collective
Thinking of Helen
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Part of our illustrated series ‘Thinking of Helen’ imagines a room within a grand estate where the walls are dedicated to great works by female artists. Next to a digital reworking of Gentileschi’s ‘Penitent Mary Magdalene’ hang seven digital mediations of Frankenthaler’s colourfield works.

‘Thinking of Helen’ aims to evoke Frankenthaler’s perennial style, whose mediative swirls are glitched to jolt the viewer into appreciating not only the art but also the artist who inspires us. Our work also links to the fact that the women of abstract expressionism were at first viewed as a glitch upon the New York art scene, not accepted into galleries or museum collections but soon this ‘malfunction’ was overcome due to the sheer talent of the many women.
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