Rewind Collective's Thinking of Grace created in honour of Grace Hartigan
Rewind Collective
Thinking of Grace (Cedar Tavern)
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Cedar Tavern was the playground for abstract expressionists, beat writers and poets. Grace Hartigan spent many nights at Cedar drinking alongside her friends including Frank O’Hara and Helen Frankenthaler. ‘I would rather the house burn down than our flames go out’, wrote Frank O'Hara in a poem he titled ‘Christmas Card to Grace Hartigan’.

Our imagining of a work by Hartigan hangs on the wall within Cedar Tavern. The colours are bold and dynamic, a nod to Hartigan’s character and the atmosphere of her beloved watering hole. Hartigan shone brightly amongst her peers and was a close friend of Phillip Guston & Franz Kline, even supporting Kline at times. Alongside countless numbers of female artists, Hartigan was overlooked for decades and as we rewind back the time on historical facts it is essential to remember Hartigan’s work influenced men, women and changed the course of art history during the peak of abstract expressionism.
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