Series of Works

We have different series of works which celebrate women, minorities & marginalised communities. All our works have a portion of the proceeds going to benefit different charities. You can learn more about our different series below:

Remember Us

Remember Us IX (Artemisia Gentileschi)

Remember Us XII (Maria Cosway)

Remember Us IV (Watch Your Head)

Remember Us is Rewind Collection's series of original digital artworks which honor overlooked women & minorities throughout history. The works are digital interpretations of historical paintings and our original photography threaded together to highlight powerful female figures.

We Are One

We Are One (detail)

We Are One (detail)

We Are One (detail)

A digital editions series utilising AI technology celebrating historical female activists as one organism fighting for the greater good (Rewind became one of the first collectives to have an NFT acquired by the permanent collection of a museum when the New Orleans Museum of Art acquired a version of 'We Are One')

Double Exposure

Double Exposure - Marie Antoinette #1

Double Exposure - Virgin Mary #1

Double Exposure Frida Kahlo #5

Our original digital and physical series of works featuring two female figures, often the same figure in different poses, interlocked with each other. This series represents the duality of women within society, one is faint and the other is strong yet both are the same person. Each digital artwork is accompanied by an original large scale photographic work.

Something Missing? XX

Something Missing? XX III

Something Missing? XX I - Picasso to Picasso

Something Missing? XX I - Klimt to Klimt

A digital edition series addressing the fact the 100 most expensive artworks ever sold in the world are by men. As our mission statement remarks: Did you know that the twenty most expensive artworks in the world are by white men? It is time to rewind back the patriarchy, misogyny and segregation and shine a light on those who deserve to be seen and heard.


Imprint Series - Maria Bartola #1

Imprint Series - Virgin
Mary #1

Imprint Series - Kali #1

Rewind Collective's digital and physical print series  featuring editions of historically overlooked women throughout the ages, both real and mythical. Each digital edition is accompanied by a physical print.

Pixelated Heroes

Pixelated Heroes #982

Pixelated Heroes #1296

Pixelated Heroes #2435

Rewind Collective's first generative art project. 5550 unique digital collectibles and 5 editions of various rarity living on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 tokens and hosted on IPFS. This collection depicts various pixelated women and celebrates female leadership & strength through building a digital community of collectors who support gender equality.

Day of the Dead

A generative art and digital editions project by Rewind Collective consisting of 10,000 unique female skulls celebrating women and female empowerment. Day of the Dead is a project focused on shedding light on gender based violence. 10% of this project will support charities combatting violence against women in Mexico who were some of the worst affected during the pandemic with a reported 1,000+ Mexican women killed in 2020.


Rewind Logo

Rewind Pride Logo

Digital editions of symbols that are important and representative of positive change. This includes our own rewind logo symbolising rewinding back the time on patriarchy right through to digital meditations of the pride flag.

Historical Figures

Historical Figures- Queen Victoria

Historical Figures - Aphrodite

Historical Figures - Frida Kahlo

Historical Figures builds upon Rewind Collective’s commitment of championing women & the underrepresented. This series of digital editions consists of female figures throughout history, fictional and real, who are warriors, leaders, & revolutionaries. Their lives or their myths have inspired millions of people throughout the ages. The digital edition works consist of glitched pixels, combining original photography and graphic design.

Thinking of...

Thinking of Grace (Cedar Tavern)

Thinking of Helen

Thinking of Lynne

Rewind Collective's illustrated & animated series of original digital works recalling great women figures of the past, particularly female artists from Helen Frankenthaler to Elaine de Kooning

Mother Nature

Mother Nature XIX (Anne Frances Byrne)

Mother Nature XX (Edith Martineau)

Mother Nature VIII (Madeline Marrable)

Original digital works which address overlooked women and climate change. Rewind Collective photographs or paints landscapes, often combining both mediums together. The paint used is also representative of the painting styles or tones of famous female artists. These works also adopts AI technology to create visceral moving images of mountains, oceans and woodlands.

House of Cards

House of Cards - Anne Boleyn

House of Cards - Frida Kahlo

House of Cards - Mulan

Rewind Collective's digital edition series of digital trading cards, celebrating women across the ages from Joan of Arc to Elizabeth I.


Pride I

Pride II

Digital edition works consisting of Rewind Collective's original photography which has been reworked to pay tribute to LGBT+ communities. 100% of pride proceeds go to LGBT+ charities with Pride I & Pride II benefitting foundation MAG Jeunes LGBT+ resulting in a $250,000+ donation to support LGBT+ youth.