Rewind Collective's Mother Nature XVI created in honour of Yvonne Thomas
Rewind Collective
Mother Nature XVI (Yvonne Thomas)

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Artist Yvonne Thomas studied alongside figures including Mark Rothko & Jackson Pollock. She was always one of the few women ‘in the room’. Mother Nature XVI recalls Thoma's love for Aspen, Colorado where she was widely exhibited and lived. Channeling Thoma's palette of colours, the mountainous landscape of Aspen and utilising AI technology, this work honours an overlooked and legendary artist. Thomas was one of the only women to be a member of the exclusive Artist’s Club, a gathering of artists and intellectuals, which was only for male artists when it began in 1949. Thomas took part in the now famous ‘Ninth Street Exhibition’ at the Stable Gallery in New York City, 1951. Thomas was one of few artists to be included in all five of the Ninth Street shows and these exhibitions gave women a platform to exhibit their artworks in contrast to their male counterparts who had more representation and opportunities.

Our Mother Nature series directly addresses the creators of all people - mothers - and also explores issues surrounding climate change. Both women and our climate have been overlooked for years and without caring for mother nature in every sense future generations will not flourish.
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